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kat mail zty.penuh ngan flixster punyer agenda.hehhe.tak reti un main benda tu.pakai hentam saja arh..fanbox pon..n macam2 la lagi,hmm.bila orang invite jer.suka suka hati ja p accept.wakaka.pastu penuh mail.mmmm.tapi best gak..dalam fanbox tu banyak gak mender2 bemanfaat.*ye ker?emm.mender2 best ayat best salah satu der..bekenan sungguh cek..wee~

A Friend.

A friend is someone who shares with you.
A smile, a tear, a hand.
A friend is someone who cares for you.
A heart that understands. 
A friend is someone you can be with.
When there's nothing to do. 
A friend is someone you can laugh with.

I'm so glad that friend is you!A good friend is like a wonderful book....
The inside is even better than the cover!

Old Friends New Friendships
Friendships that have stood the test.
Time and change, are surely best.
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray.
Friendships never knows decay.
Cherish friendship in your breast.
New is good, but old is best.
Make new friends, but keep the old.
Those are silver, these are gold.
A tribute
I still recall the days when you were here still with us
You were a friend, who were not always a friend
A person who treats us like kids, and yet treats us as your peers

Yes, those were the days when we can hear you chuckle.
Chuckling with our silliness in spite of your senior years
You have inspired us with your love and commitment to God
‘Till the end of your life , we have seen laid down and smiling at us victorious

Thank you my friend
For all that you’ve shared
For all the love and care you’ve shown
For all the inspirations you have given

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